Brighten Your Outdoor Living With Patio Umbrella Lights

When the night falls, but you still want to spend time in your outdoor living area, you might think about setting up lights for patio umbrellas. These lights are functional and also serve as a decorative element of your patio.

Umbrella lights for patios are available in two different versions: a chain of light to be fixed to the veins of the umbrella, or as a group of light in ring to be fitted around the umbrella's support pole. Some of these lights need an electrical source to run, while others are battery operated. There are some other umbrella lights which solar powered and are charged during daylight hours for you to have light on that night in the patio. Note that none of these lights will increase your energy bill.

Patio lights are much better than some other outdoor lighting, for instance candles. Sure, candle lights are romantic, but also represent a danger both for you and for your children. Candles also pollute from the smoke and the open flame will attract a number of undesired insects.

Larger umbrellas for patios are most suitable for light strings that can be attached to the umbrella veins. These lights uniformly illuminate the space under the umbrella and the patio table as well.

For smaller space and patio umbrella, ring type umbrella lights that can be simply attached on the pole of the umbrella will provide proper light. It well worth to purchase some heavy-duty batteries to ensure lighting during the entire evening.

To get rid of the batteries and electrical cords, choose solar powered lights. They will be powered by solar panels mounted on the top of your umbrella. Article Source: https:// EzineArticles. com/5163654